With icons54 quality is our top priority

How did Icon54 come about?

Icons have always been a passion for us. After successful icon projects we decided to combine our experience and knowledge to create perfect icons. We used our several years of skills and experience to create over 3,000 different icons in 10 months.

Icon54 creation process:

  • Researching and understanding the types of icons the industry needs.
  • Choosing the grid size. We support the two famous grid 24px for Android and 30px for iOS. Also the icons can support any designer and developer.
  • Creating lists with all the categories for the icons pack and lists for future icons.
  • Sketching the icons and then drawing the icons on Adobe Illustrator.
  • Creating lots of versions and removing the icons that did not meet our standards.
  • Implementing numerous file types such as Eps, Ai, Sketch, SVG , and fonts.
  • Reviewing the entire pack to make sure they are all perfect. Finally, adding keywords to each image.

It was a long journey but we are extremely happy with our final product.  We know that our icons will help lots of designers and developers worldwide.

Who are we?

Alpár – Etele Méder, AKA Pöcike, is a digital artist from Transilvania. He started graphic design in 2001, and brings his experience to Icon54. Basic guidelines in his work are precision and sharpness, this is what makes his work straight to the point. During his free time, he seeks adventure on his bike. He also has a serious passion for music, and loves to sing Karaoke.

Sagi Shrieber is a co-founder of Hacking UI, and for the past 2 years he has been leading (and scaling) the product design team over at SimilarWeb ( while battling with numerous  icon sets inside his own team). Sagi is also a mentor for startups at the Google Launchpad in Tel Aviv.
David Tintner is a co-founder of Hacking UI, and leads the front end efforts at SimilarWeb. Before that (along with Sagi) founded a startup that had been acquired by Similarweb in late 2013.

For comments or questions feel free to contact us: support@icon54.com